Mangold Interested in Spinoff With X-23

The film is supposedly longtime X-Men actor Hugh Jackman’s final performance as the iconic character, but it might not be the last we see of Wolverine.

Charles begins communicating telepathically with a young girl and suspected new mutant Laura (Dafne Keen), whose mother (Elizabeth Rodriguez) begs Logan-whom they recognize from his legacy as a famous X-Man, of course-to take them to the Canadian border and safety. James Mangold, the director of Logan, said he would be very interested in directing an X-23 spinoff movie. At times the bloody gore is so graphic, Logan feels like an actual horror film, even exceeding that of Deadpool. Instead, our favorite X-Men is rocking a grey beard and grey hair as he embarks on his darkest and most violent adventure yet.

“I could only make this movie if I knew it was the last one because the stakes are high”, he tells ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli.

Getting much of the credit for the power of Logan is its star, as the film is deemed a “fitting send-off” and Jackman’s “best performance to date”. This is honestly one of the best comic book movies of all time. “The actor, who reportedly conceived the basic thrust of the story, takes the ever-conflicted Logan/Wolverine to full-blooded depths, and the result is a far more cohesive and gripping film than his previous collaboration with Mangold, 2013’s The Wolverine”. It reminds me more of a movie like First Blood than it does, say, Ant-Man. It isn’t just a good superhero film or a fantastic blockbuster, it’s an exceptional movie period.

While in the midst of a funeral gig, a woman approaches the bedraggled warrior seeking “Wolverine” and his assistance in transporting a young, silent girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) to a safe haven north of the border and out of the clutches of the smooth yet menacing Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and his cybernetic band known as the Reavers.

The first X-Men movie opened on July 14, 2000.

Riskier still, they dropped Wolverine from the title, calling it Logan – stepping away from the superhero image to show the broken man underneath. Since Laura’s mutant physical gifts are so identical to Logan’s, there’s a melancholy to their relationship. It’s an anachronous headliner at a festival that also included the premieres of an unexpected sequel to Trainspotting and a 105-minute beachfront Stellan Skarsgard picture (Return to Montauk), but Logan holds its own, artistically, as the sort of superhero movie that feels uniquely suited to the worldwide moment. Then there’s also been some talk that ‘Logan” isn’t strictly speaking set in the same universe as the existing X-Movies – and given that (as “Deadpool’ noted) the timelines are rather confusing already, this could be an issue. Logan is the kind of movie that shuts up elitists who can’t fathom a comic book movie transcending popcorn entertainment, or offering up personal connections to superbly crafted characters.

It’s unclear if we’ll see the rest of what happens in the video in the film, or if it’s just supplemental material, but either way, we’re excited to see what they do with X-23’s story.

“Inside, there was real consternation about the intensity of the tone of the film”.

Watching a group of children – a lot of them nonwhite – running for the border, pursued by cops in riot gear and armored cars, I was reminded of reports over the past month of refugees fleeing the USA for Canada after Trump’s “Muslim ban” executive order. Emotional gut punches, risky filmmaking choices, and attractive performances from Jackman, Stewart, and Keen make Logan an absolute must see movie for anyone who can handle it. And unlike most superhero movies of late, Logan doesn’t engineer its plot for franchise road-mapping.

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