Vanessa Grimaldi’s ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Hometown Date With Nick Viall

With that in mind, we can take a look and see how the final four women rank for Nick after those dates last night!

Dorfman is teased in next week’s episode promo as confronting “Bachelor” Nick Viall – who was a contestant and finalist on her season – and telling him he needs to be “honest”. She won over viewers hearts with her style, personality, willingness to dance whenever the mood hits her and when she won the first impression rose – the first black person to do so. Former Bachelor producer, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, thinks that it will take more than one casting decision for the franchise to really claim to have made history.

Rachel was named the next Bachelorette, even though she’s still competing in The Bachelor this season.

Just when is Rachel eliminated? I mean, Nick seemed to have fun on their shopping date, but it seemed way more like he sees her as a friend than anything else.

It’s going to be good TV, which these reunions usually are not.

Season 21 of “The Bachelor” is coming to a close, but not before star Nick Viall spends some quality time with his remaining three love interests. It’s a win/win/win for all parties involved. None of these girl’s relatives busted out the shotgun, and told the man openly dating multiple women at once to get to steppin’. He gained perspective about interracial relationships from Constance, whose husband Alex is white, as well as Kathy, who always taught her attorney daughter to see people for who they are and not by the color of their skin. According to Nick, the things she wrote weren’t inaccurate, but they did hurt his feelings.

Over a traditional Greek lunch, Corinne’s father grills Nick about his taste in food and drink. “I feel like I know Nick pretty well, and I wish the girls luck for sure”. Shockingly, it wasn’t spent sweating over spreadsheets while “running” her dad’s multi-million dollar company. He simply plasters on a loving smile, and pours a glass of his finest scotch, which is mostly likely from a bottle that costs more than what Nick makes in a year. Nick hops on the back but nearly falls off when Raven hits the gas. He loves living in the moment with her though. Nick asks for the father’s blessing, should he choose to ask Raven to marry him, and the father complies. Raven already has one, but he gives it to her again anyway. She wants Nick to break the rules and say, “I love you”.

“They do a good job over there producing the show”. They then stopped at a restaurant where Corinne confessed she was in love with him.

Nick made his last stop in Montreal to experience a day in the life of Canadian darling, Vanessa Grimaldi. After seeing all of the dates happen, I’d bet that he has to make the hard choice between sending Corinne or Rachel home, and the producers are trying to kill us by making us wait another week to find out for sure. Well, Corinne will be fine regardless of what happens. He jumped on the back of her roaring four-wheeler and the two went mudding through the fields of Hoxie, Arkansas until they were dripping in thick brown muck from head-to-toe.

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