Belated “Walking Dead” grumble thread: Revenge of the nerd An error occurred

Until tonight’s episode, Eugene was mostly comic relief – committed to that mullet and talking with an odd combination of AP English vocabulary and slang. For the Grimes crew, Eugene was dead weight; for the Saviors, he’s on track to become their weapons mastermind. In the episode, he is also quick to swear his loyalty to Negan. Check out the “Say Yestrailer below, and stay tuned for the latest on next week’s Walking Dead.

The end of the show also sees Eugene swear that he is Negan – the thing Daryl absolutely refused to do. Meanwhile, it looks like Eugene has completely succumbed to the dark side. However, for the time being, the survivor will do just that at the Sanctuary, fulfilling every request Negan has to preserve his own life. Like him or hate him, the Haircut-centered episode was an interesting one. Eugene gets a whole jar of pickles for himself and the show ends with a shot of him eating one next to Dwight, who seems a

It’s not until episodes later in season five, episode five we learn Eugene actually lied about his role prior to the apocalypse. Dwight’s the guy who abused Daryl, and we hate him because he’s a bad guy picking on our good guy.

Eugene’s potential is clearly glimpsed by a gaggle of Negan’s “wives”, who show up as a reward after Eugene comes up with a clever solution to one of the Sanctuary’s defensive problems.

Since Dwight told Negan that she’s dead, and we can’t imagine the character reappearing on the show, the biggest question is: If Sherry leaving doesn’t turn Dwight, what else could? She left a note, explaining why she helped Daryl escape – he reminded her of Dwight, before Dwight got in too deep with the Saviors and lost too much of his humanity. One can only wonder how Negan plans to use Eugene’s technical prowess to his advantage.

Inside the exam room, where Dr. Carson is cleaning up Dwight after his beat-down, he tells Dwight about the first time he ever met Sherry. He goes to their old house and finds a truly heartbreaking “Dear Dwight” letter, telling him she hates what he’s become, blames herself for it happening, so she’s headed off on her own, which probably won’t last long. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his men have returned from Alexandria and bust open the door to pummel Dwight.

And for anyone who still can’t get enough the show after almost 7 full seasons, you might be relieved to know that AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for an 8th season. Or have we? It’s safe to assume that while Eugene is definitely important to Rick and the group, rescuing him has taken a back seat to destroying Negan and crippling the empire he’s built for himself at the Sanctuary.

In the comics, Eugene is also taken by the Saviors, but he resists giving in to Negan.

That’s when the wheels come off and Eugene’s character arc bends in a different direction. He’s clearly horrified at the casual, callous way Negan murders the doctor. When he mouths off to the woman rationing supplies about his importance to Negan and starts grabbing things from her – cold capsules, a bedpan, even a stuffed animal – it plays as comedy but it really isn’t.

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