Acer’s take on an augmented reality headset will ship in March

Microsoft is keen to use the phrase mixed reality, rather than describing the headset as AR or VR but, in the original Windows 10 headset announcements previous year, the VR label was used.

The company revealed its Acer Windows Mixed Reality developer edition headset at GDC 2017 Wednesday.

Mixed Reality has a much brighter future than VR in terms of an overall spectrum of content and offered experiences, and I think that Windows Mixed Reality will be a huge boon for Microsoft in the coming years. Its plan is to deliver mixed reality content for Xbox On devices, with the inclusion of Project Scorpio in 2018.

The launch date was announced this week at the Games Developers Conference while Microsoft shipped Windows Mixed Reality headsets to developers.

As EWeek reported, Microsoft confirmed that Windows Mixed Reality will become compatible with other devices over time. The SDK is a core element in the offering, allowing developers to build mixed reality applications. Microsoft announced that a multitude of new games are ready to hit both the console and the PC.

Still, when the Xbox One and Project Scorpio get support for Mixed Reality, you’ll find a boatload of headsets on store shelves that will support the technology. The rollout will be a phased one, with the Windows Mixed Reality term being a new branding of what was previously known as Windows Holographic.

That is where Microsoft’s Unified Update Platform, UUP for short, comes in to save bandwidth by only downloading what needs to be updated on a system instead of the entire build/update.

It starts shipping later in March.

It features two LCDs, audio and microphone support through a 3.5mm jack, and a single cable with USB 3.0 and HDMI ports. Since that update will contain the tech for differential download packages, users shouldn’t expect the Creators Update itself to be smaller than previous major updates. By using it, anyone can create Universal Windows Platform games and integrate Xbox Live features in them. But many upcoming VR headsets might also have those capabilities.

Xbox head Phil Spencer appeared on IGN’s Unlocked this week and spoke about Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass, E3, and Project Scorpio.

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