SAP partners with Google to offer its enterprise applications on Google Cloud

Diane Green, SVP of Google Cloud, said Google is uniquely positioned in the market. They belong to a wide variety of backgrounds, including fields such as computer science, computer vision, biology, medicine, and even glaciology.

Google hasn’t always focused on the enterprise.

During a pre-conference gathering, vice president of global partner sales and strategic alliances, Bertrand Yansouni outlined “We’re increasing our investment in many of our existing partner incentive programs, as well as introducing new incentives to support the entire customer lifecycle”.

Google has announced the Cloud Video Intelligence API, which is now in private beta that allows users to search through videos based on their content. Users can specify objects, such as “elephant” or “palm trees” as well as actions such as “smiling” or “running”. We’ve added new capabilities, and there’s been an expansion of meta data from Google’s knowledge graph.

Founded in 2010, Kaggle allows developers and data scientists to run machine learning contests, host datasets, and to write and share code.

But the vendor didn’t stop there, intent on hammering home its enterprise credentials through Verizon, who allegedly shifted away from Office 365 and onto G Suite. “That’s why customers are so excited by what Veritas is doing with Google”.

“Our work with Google Cloud really comes down to what all customers want: innovation and choice”, said Mike Palmer, chief product officer, Veritas.

Lee referred to video as the “dark matter of the digital universe”.

Google is now expanding those capabilities to videos, with the Cloud Video Intelligence API. During an on-screen demo, the platform was able to find and recognize animals, objects, and other items from scenes that could reduce the amount of time companies tabulate such details inside of their videos.

“Kaggle is the best place to search and analyse public datasets, build machine learning models and grow your data science expertise”, she said. Security policy, logging and reporting leverages Google Cloud Platform defined objects enhancing visibility. This partnership marries SAP’s enterprise software to Google’s own expertise at scale and infrastructure. On Wednesday, Google executives also touted the company’s mapping software, mobile devices and machine intelligence tools.

Google “has both the money, the means, and the commitment to pull off a new platform for computation globally for everyone who needs it”, Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt told several thousand keynote attendees on Wednesday morning. Greene joined Google Cloud in 2015, and has been the driving force behind the business. “Cloud is no longer just where people store things, or for a startup or sharing files”, said Greene.

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