Did This Is Us reveal how Jack died in its season finale?

Creator Dan Fogelman pulled the rug out from under fans of his hit NBC drama “This Is Us” during its first season finale Tuesday night.

However, episode 18, titled “Moonshadow”, kicks off with Jack making it safely to a bar, the same bar Rebecca will be performing at with her band.

First off, Rebecca gets Jack to admit he’s been drinking for a few weeks, complete with a passive aggressive aside that she wouldn’t have noticed because she hasn’t been around much recently. When he couldn’t answer, she issued the following challenge.

The next morning, the couple agreed to separate. And that will be really interesting in future seasons and as we go forward to kind of show where that hinge was, how it happened and what happened to the people before and after it. It’s inclusive and it’s ultimately hopeful, which I think is something people are looking for right now, too. “There are a lot of question as we leave this marriage in the most dire place it’s been”. Executive producer Ken Olin revealed to our sister site TV Line that those snippets of the Big 3 are just a little tease at what’s to come. It’s all about [Mandy and Milo’s] acting.

Dan had scripted that fight scene as a oner. It’s not trying to show off as directors.

Via another flashback, we saw Jack plotting to actually rob a bar. (Even then, it wouldn’t have been her fault, but as a young teen, I could at least connect the dots to her train of thought.) But now, I have no idea how this will play out. It feels real. There’s nothing manipulative about it. Will they, as the song goes, leap and hop to a new beginning? But I can’t deny that they have a long road of recovery ahead of them. We very much shift and share the responsibility of what the show has become. Let us know your take in the comments section below!

“The actual moments in the show are going to impact people”.

“Everything was scripted”, Moore told Variety. But before he left, Jack delivered a soliloquy about marriage that was one of the most heartfelt moments of the season. I don’t think anything is going to get up to a William. Watson even has a nickname for Ventimiglia on set: “Papa Bear…”

Ventimiglia: I guess I am the department head, speaking up for the actors when needed. Rebecca finds him on the couch and tells him that he should stay with Miguel to give them “some air”. “You may not completely disagree with the conflict, and you may not agree with the resolution, but they sit on complete opposite sides of one another”. But Ken Olin delivered this attractive piece.

“There’s a deep, deep gestating love between those two”, the This Is Us showrunner told Variety. The fight evolved into a discussion about Jack resenting Rebecca for restarting her singing career.

Mandy Moore isn’t revealing a great deal about the “This Is Us” season finale, but there is one thing she is speaking out about. After it had been filmed, he called me up and was just like, “I can’t – you know – you and Mandy, wow”. Can you talk a little bit about that?In the Pearson home, we have this back room – a den, if you want to call it that – and that’s where she and I usually keep our chairs.

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore have a tense scene in the “This Is Us” finale.

“It was pretty painful”, Milo told the Hollywood Reporter. So slowly but surely you will learn when, then much later how, and then we’ll see it. She’s nervous about performing in front of such a big crowd, and her bandmate (and ex-boyfriend) Ben tries to comfort her.

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