Gmail app now lets you send money as an attachment

The app launched initially as a catchall payments platform – until mid-2016, Google offered a physical Wallet card that let users to pay for goods and withdraw money from ATMs.

However, integrating Wallet features directly with Gmail makes Google’s task easier: to hasten payment services using an interface which is familiar to many users. It not only makes transfer of money convenient, especially when you are dealing with a vendor via email.

The next time you compose an email, simply hit the attachment button and you’ll see an option to send money.

Similar to the Gmail web, you can attach the payment request or send the payment within the e-mail.

There’s no doubt that this is one valuable addition the Gmail app for Android, but it is worth pointing out that you can’t send or receive money between two countries through Google Wallet.

This feature of sending money via Gmail is unfortunately not available for iOS users yet, but it should presumably arrive soon.

Google is pitching this feature based on the simplicity of it. Rolling out today via a Play Store update, Google will now allow you to easily attach payments to Gmail messages. You can then type in the amount that you’d like to send and add a memo if you’d like. There’s also an option to set up the payments service so that the money goes directly into a bank account.

There is no fee when sending money with Gmail.

After the money is sent all the recipient has to do is tap Claim Money in the email. It is also possible for the received money to be directly sent to the bank account of the users.

Even though Gmail isn’t a messaging app, it’s one of the most popular apps on the market. Although its operating system is created to be closed, it shares some software with iOS that it uses to render web pages.

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