Microsoft’s Slack competitor Teams launches in 181 countries and 19 languages

“While we were building the product, we’d spend a week using nothing but a competitor product”, reveals MacDonald, although none of them were quite what Microsoft wanted for its chat app. Microsoft is really betting on the fact the company is tying Teams to its Office 365 service and its deep Office integration to help it compete against Slack, Facebook Workplace, and others.

As we reported last week, Microsoft is today launching its own business collaboration tool in an effort to fend off the challenge from Slack.

Microsoft Teams, the company’s alternative to Slack, is now rolling out to Office 365 customers globally, Microsoft has announced. Kirk Koenigsbauer, the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Office division, wrote in a blog post that its engineers have produced more than 100 new capabilities as part of the effort.

Additionally, Teams connects to more than 150 third-party business tools, such as Zendesk, Asana, and HootSuite, from directly within the Teams app.

Microsoft launched the Teams preview back in November 2016, giving a large number of individuals access to it.

“We are adding a new tool to Office 365 with Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace created to empower the art of teams”, said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “Email has a objective and has a place but ultimately there are other places where dialogue and communication should be happening, and Teams is one of them”. But seeing how Microsoft only had 21 months to build it and given how polished it feels already according to early impressions, Slack should very well be stepping its game lest it’s pushed out of its rank. Teams is a hub you live in.

Microsoft Teams is now available for Office 365 users. That means only members of your organization can be part of a team right now.

For Microsoft, Office 365’s existing value will be one of Teams’ selling points.

The service isn’t available to Office 365 Business subscribers, but is out for those on Office 365 Business Premium and Business Essential plans, as well as for those using enterprise plans (E1, E3, E5).

Teams is designed particularly for organisations structured with working groups operating in different physical locations and seeks to provide a single screen environment for teamwork.

WhoBot sits on the Microsoft graph and pulls in Active Directory data to help you discover or learn more about people within your organization. Teams is “tightening the seamlessness between all of Office 365″ and providing JWT’s employees with a modern experience they expect. Teams also brings some unique features to the space. One accomplishment the creators were particularly proud of: they got Nadella to use Giphy, a library for finding animated.gif files, which he mainly employed via Teams to send “good work”-type messages to the development group, Lane said”.

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