Scottish Government to Seek Independence Referendum Over Brexit

Plans to trigger another referendum on independence have been announced by Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

London said Edinburgh’s move to seek independence at such a time would cause huge economic uncertainly.

Sturgeon’s intervention came a day before May had been predicted to trigger article 50, but No 10 later indicated that it would not serve notice to leave the European Union until the end of the month.

The Scottish secretary refused to say whether the United Kingdom government would block another referendum on independence, but went as far as to say that there “could” be another vote – hinting that Theresa May will grant the power for one.

The petition calls on Westminster to block Sturgeon from triggering a repeat of the 2014 vote as it claims Scotland is “suffering hugely” from the leader’s focus on getting independence.

The speech infuriated May, who accused Sturgeon of playing “games” with politics. The order would allow a fresh legally-binding referendum on independence to be held.

He said: “Scottish Liberal Democrats stood for election past year on a platform to oppose a new independence referendum”.

However, following Brexit, the SNP say the political atmosphere has changed since four years ago with greater uncertainty.

“We have been working closely with all the devolved administrations – listening to their proposals, and recognising the many areas of common ground, including workers’ rights, the status of European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom and our security from crime and terrorism”. She said she had made good faith proposals for a compromise but had been met with a “brick wall of intransigence”.

“There has been talk of special deals for the vehicle industry and others, but a point blank refusal to discuss in any meaningful way a differential approach for Scotland”.

She added: “The Scottish government’s mandate for offering this choice is beyond doubt”.

So when would a second referendum be held?

He said polls showing a small majority against independence were a “statistical dead heat” and the SNP would campaign to win over the 38 percent of Scots who voted in favor of Brexit. That seems to be a freaky time for the referendum.

May’s spokesman responded to Sturgeon’s announcement by saying the evidence shows most people in Scotland don’t want another referendum.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Scotland should decide its future for itself, again.

But Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said Ms Sturgeon had been “utterly irresponsible”. Even if she gets her independence vote and flips the result from last time, Scotland would not gain automatic admission into the EU.

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