Andromeda Trial Now Available on EA/Origin Access

Mass Effect: Andromeda is nearly out and we’re already in search of true love in a galaxy far away. Providing limited access to the full game, players will be able to get a feel for the title ahead of its official release on Tuesday, March 21.

“Mass Effect 3” has reportedly made a significant impact on the what the Milky Way Galaxy is destined to be.

Speaking at PAX East this past weekend, Lead Writer Mac Walters confirmed that Andromeda has nearly double the number of spoken roles when compared to Mass Effect 3.

Bioware has revealed new Krogan squadmate, Drack, for Mass Effect Andromeda.

This is the most complete look we’ve had at Andromeda’s multiplayer so far.

Those with subscriptions to EA or Origin Access can take note – the trial for Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available for both.

This news came courtesy of PCGamesN which found out that players can actually try Andromeda in their platforms. Better yet, Access members who decide to buy Andromeda will save 10 percent. Points assigned to each skill can be constantly reallocated so that players can experiment with multiple gameplay approaches without having to restart their games and build up their skills from scratch again. Fans at Reddit were also surprised when some players discovered this feature. Are you going to download it on EA Access to get a head start?

This isn’t the first time EA’s pulled the switch early – Battlefield 1’s early access had something similar happen. Players can replay the single-player as long as the free trial period lasts. “You don’t have to play multiplayer at all if you don’t want to”. These include which characters and items are unlocked.

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