Have You Bought a Nintendo Switch?

A new Xbox One and PS4 blockbuster title might be coming to your favorite Console Nintendo Switch this year. If someone sees a Switch on the train and gets interested, Nintendo wants to be able to turn that into a sale.

Far more widespread is an issue some folks are encountering with the Switch’s gamepads, the so-called “Joy-Con” controllers.

The hacker’s reputation calls for attention to this alleged “vulnerability”. That does not mean that a hack or jailbreak for the Nintendo Switch is already in the making however.

A rather impressive cross between a home console and a handheld platform, the Switch definitely seems like it could well be the future of gaming. Furthermore, a piece of that success is because of the fact that the highly anticipated game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released on the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch browser released with several vulnerabilities which the hackers were exploiting.

Once you force the browser to a locally hosted webpage, then you just have to exploit the WebKit vulnerability and execute some codes.

“Thank you. I hope that includes the games I’ve directed, like Brain Age and StreetPass Mii Plaza, or ones I’ve produced, like Nintendo Badge Arcade and Miitopia”. It’s good times all around for the Japanese gaming industry.

BGR has provided a quick fix for this specific issue, which you can check here, while others were successful enough in opening and tweaking the components of the console, which by the way is not advisable. Each Joy-Con attaches to the side of the Switch tablet, turning it into a portable game console.

“Snake Pass is digital only”, Sumo COO Paul Porter told Eurogamer, “and we have no issue keeping the price the same across all platforms digitally”.

March 3 was a big day for hits to Nintendo.com, but it was well behind the deluge of clicks that happened on January 13 when the company revealed the Switch during a live video presentation.

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