NCAA tournament 2017 cheat sheet: Everything you need to win your pool

Since the tournament was first expanded to 40 teams in 1979, no No. 5 seed has ever cut down the nets. The upsets can strike at any moment. Behind Senior Forward JaCorey Williams they are poised to give a 5 seeded Minnesota team, who they match up very well against, a tough night. They haven’t done the best job over the years of getting their team into the next round.

My first-round selections (upsets in ital)…

But let’s take a look at some notable games, and possible upsets, in the upcoming tournment. Virginia Commonwealth even made the Final Four in 2011 after starting in the First Four! However, every one of the last six winners had the Final Four exactly right, including the participants in the championship game. Check out those 11-seeds, too.

Gonzaga is the No. 1 seed here and despite the feeling among many that they are vulnerable, they’ll be playing in this tournament for a long time.

■ Villanova’s Josh Hart, a consummate team player. On top of that, focus on teams with good guards, strong defense and the ability to shoot.

Since 2010, TV network CBS/Turner has spent more than $19 billion to get its hands on college basketball up until 2032. All it takes is some hot shooting or a few ill-timed turnovers and a giant goes down early. Whether you are doing one through work, with friends or in B5Q’s bracket pool, you may be still be having trouble making your picks. They won games as a double-digit seed in consecutive tournaments in 2011-12, the former year being a run to the Final Four.

What you’ll need is that sweet, sweet Cinderella pick. The trend continued in the 2016 tournament, as two No. 12 seeds pulled off unlikely wins in the first round. Like his father Rick at Louisville, Richard Pitino has led his team to 24 wins so far this season. Over time I remember many of those buzzer-beaters and regardless of what team I might have a rooting interest in those were the games to cherish. The Seahawks almost upset the Duke Blue Devils previous year in the big dance.

The problem most people run into is how to get enough information about 68 teams – of which, even a college hoops fan that watches games often has probably only seen 40 – to determine advantages in unusual cross-conference matchups we’ve never seen before in a short amount of time. Dog dishes? There are any number of ways people try to choose their teams, aside from those who choose to use as much information and knowledge as possible.

Bracket pools consist of a group of friends, co-workers, family or strangers each submitting a bracket with an entry fee of as little as $1 or higher. This team is capable of winning a couple of games.

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