Amazon’s Alexa is coming to your iPhone

Today Amazon announced that its digital assistant, Alexa, is being integrated with its iOS shopping app. Alexa can help users to search for a product, place orders or track their existing orders, all via voice based commands.

Both first-party and third-party skills will work from within the Amazon app. You’re not limited to shopping-related questions, either-you can use Alexa in the Shopping app as you would in your home if you have an Alexa-enabled device. You can access Alexa by pressing the microphone icon in the upper right corner of the Amazon app. It is also seen in voice-activated smart Bluetooth speaker Amazon Echo. Despite being part of a shopping app, Alexa can do a lot more than order the occasional Wish List splurge.

Voice ID could also be used to authenticate any purchases made through Alexa securely, meaning there’s no risk of children accidentally running up large bills.

What this means is that you don’t necessarily have to buy an Amazon Echo to make use of Alexa if you don’t want to.

Speaking on the event, David Hardcastle, Senior Manager at Amazon’s Cambridge Development Centre, commented: “The event has been a huge success, and it was great to host so many local teenagers with an interest in STEM”. You can even ask Alexa to play Kindle audiobooks too. Yes, users can now talk to Alexa on their iPhones on the go and get things done.

Amazon’s Alexa began rolling out on the Amazon app for iPhone recently, and will continue to roll out for all United States users through the next week. The virtual assistant can also spell, define words, complete conversions, and make simple calculations. iOS users can use Alexa Skills and leverage its smart home functions as well as check news, weather and traffic real time.

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