McDonald’s deletes tweet calling Trump ‘a disgusting excuse of a President’

A McDonald’s representative said the company deleted the tweet, has secured the account and is investigating the matter.

McDonald’s has removed a Thursday morning tweet that insulted President Donald Trump and blamed it on a hacker.

McDonald’s reacted quickly and took down the tweet, but not before it was screen grabbed by Twitter users and spread across the Internet.

Some Trump supporters said McDonald’s had not done enough to atone for the tweet and advocated for a boycott.

McDonald’s is trending on Twitter with more than 90,000 tweets about the company.

“A lot of social media managers are managing multiple accounts within the business, along with their personal account”. Burger King’s account even tweeted its followers to “Look for a McDonald’s in a hood near you”.

Several online commenters said they would now visit a branch of the fast food chain in support after seeing the tweet.

President Donald Trump, who is an active member on the site did not react to the incident.

Trump, interestingly, is one of the more fast-food friendly United States presidents in recent years, and is also known to be a prolific Twitter user. He is unlikely to be pleased by McDonald’s tweet.

Yesterday, hundreds of Twitter accounts including Justin Bieber’s and Forbes were hacked.

Meanwhile analysts argue that the tweet will not cost the McDonald’s in the long term since the company apologized for it and deleted the tweet. While the latest hack raised questions about Twitter’s security level, analysts believe that the breach was not meant to harm the restaurant chain’s brand.

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