Netflix changing user reviews, dumps star ratings

“Five stars feels very yesterday now”, Netflix vice president of product Todd Yellin said on Thursday. When you rate movies and TV shows, you’re helping us filter through the thousands of selections to get a better idea of what you’d like to watch.

Netflix users will no longer be able to assign star ratings to the films and shows they have watched, reports FastCompany, as the streaming service switches instead to a simply binary like/dislike system.

Netflix is ditching its five star rating system in favor of a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.

It was reported previous year that Netflix was looking to move away from its old way of rating shows and movies, when the company began beta testing the “thumbs”.

While some users and perhaps content creators may miss the rating system, Yellin thinks the move to an easier, more implicit rating system will be generally received well.

Moreover, the thumbs up/ down system simplifies the process, and removes any friction. The company is more interested in getting more people ratings and reviews.

This makes sense – giving a five-star rating takes some thought, especially for something like a movie or TV show. The new feature will roll out globally in April, so there’s still time for a rating spree in the meantime, if that’s your thing.

One of the biggest changes that subscribers can expect to see is the disappearance of the five-star rating system.

In addition, Netflix is also finally introducing another new feature called “percentage match” into the mix.

If, as a Netflix user, you’re more inclined to rate movies you’ve watched, the algorithms have a better chance of offering up content you’re more likely to enjoy. The service then “surfaces content that is suggested based on their viewing history”. “We are addicted to the methodology of A/B testing“, Yellin said.

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