Nintendo To Double Production Of Nintendo Switch To Meet Demand

Nintendo plans to double the planned production run of its Switch console during the coming year, the Wall Street Journal reported. SanDisk cards are some of the most common on the market, and a new report claims some users have had their 128GB MicroSD card melted inside the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo, which had expected to produce 8 million Switch units this year, will boost that figure to 16 million units with hopes to sell more than 10 million units during the period.

If the company manages to sell all those consoles, it will mean the Switch will outsell the Wii U’s entire overall sales by the end of March next year.

We’ve known for awhile the Nintendo Switch was running a Tegra processor courtesy of Nvidia.

The Nintendo Switch is getting four new games this week to pad out its still relatively slim library.

Nintendo is trying to address its Switch availability problems, according to a new report.

“Initial stock has sold out – we anticipate more stock to arrive in late March”, a message from Nintendo explains. Part of the reason why there is so much demand for the Switch is because people are flocking to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The console got off to a strong start thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is one of the highest-rated video games of all time, and has the record for the most ideal scores of any game released to date.

It’s nearly impossible to find a Nintendo Switch right now without forking over money to a greedy scalper. The company has been selling games left and right and now, with the launch of its Switch platform, it is likely to be on cloud number nine. As always, let us know in the comments.

The launch of the Nintendo Switch recalls the seeming smash-hit Nintendo 3DS, which started strong but fell off in sales nearly immediately.

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