Proposed federal budget could hurt programs for needy

She receives deliveries Monday, Wednesday and Friday, choosing “cold” and frozen meals. “I can’t believe it”, Davis said.

Proposed budget cuts by the Trump administration could affect some services that help the elderly and disabled in Austin.

“This is gonna take a huge effort on the Hill in the next weeks and months to really advocate for our program“, Bertolette said.

Meals on Wheels recipient Grace Cottrill, 83, said the service is vital for her.

Kaufman says just the prospect of cuts is making some lawyers on the team very nervous.

“There’s not enough funding now to support those people that can not even afford the $5-6 a day that they might contribute”. He said that as a Christian, he felt the cut would abandon people who desperately needed help.

Carmack says the only he can do at this point is wait and hope for the best.

“One of the reasons that you’re seeing such a dramatic reduction in the State Department on a percentage basis is not that this president thinks that diplomacy is not important”.

It will be easier to tell how programs like this one will be affected in more detail when the full budget proposal is released.

“It’s nice to know someone is coming each day to check on you and to make sure you’re doing well is good”. The results for the program can be seen in both nutritional terms and increased independence for millions of Americans. She said she wasn’t anxious the new president would cut Meals on Wheels funding. “And yet, the Trump budget is focused on “protecting” America from global terrorists, who kill fewer Americans every year than falling televisions”.

Then Mulvaney claimed that after school programs, particularly ones that provide food to children at risk of hunger, are also ineffective and undeserving of federal funds. The network is already serving 23 million fewer meals now than in 2005, and waiting lists are mounting in every state.

However, the budget plan is generating a lot of concern among people who count on the Meals on Wheels program. “These meals keep them at home, keep them safe, keep them healthy, and out of the hospital”. One year of meals from Meals-on-Wheels equals one day of intensive care for a senior.

“Trump’s proposed budget blueprint eliminates funding for Meals on Wheels, a program that provides meals for the poor, elderly and veterans”.

The majority of funding for Meals on Wheels does not come from government grants, so if portions of block grants were eliminated, the program would not suddenly disappear. Other states and localities might choose to do something else with them. A total of $100,650 of that funding went to Meals on Wheels.

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