WhatsApp to add back text status option in both apps (Android, iOS)

WhatsApp is bringing back its text-only status message feature after a massive backlash from users when the company removed it in favor of its new “Status” feature.

The Status feature represented the first time WhatsApp was introducing a means for passively consuming content, a bit like Facebook or Instagram’s newsfeeds, and that kind user interface is ripe for showing ads or marketing messages.

Since its very beginning, WhatsApp featured a text-based “Status” feature that allowed users to choose a status that their friends and other contacts could see. “At the same time, we are continuing to build on the new Status feature”, it added.

That resulted in a quick turnaround from WhatsApp and a compromise that involved keeping both functionalities.

WhatsApp is bringing back the text status updates, according to a report by Techcrunch. Recently Facebook has added “Stories” feature to its news feed. The cross-platform messaging app has chose to do this in response to the backlash it got since rolling out the feature.

It is pretty evident that WhatsApp messenger’s new Snapchat style stories didn’t get as much as popularity as the company expected. But that won’t be made viewable in the contact section, which was also replaced with the addition of Status tab.

Facebook has yet again ripped off Snapchat Stories. We are excited to announce that, coinciding with WhatsApp’s eighth birthday February 24, we are reinventing the Status feature. The blowback was somewhat surprising, because the equivalent feature in Instagram has been a huge hit over the last nine months or so, and has been blamed for Snapchat’s slowing user growth in the second half of a year ago.

“When Check Point reported the issue, we addressed it within a day and released an update of WhatsApp for web”, WhatsApp said.

Facebook Stories live in a top navigation bar, just like Instagram. Go to Settings, and in the About and phone number section, you will see the old status option back. For few users, it seemed to be a good one, but undoubtedly, the majority of users found this picture status update feature annoying.

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