Bad news for low-income college students in Trump 2017 budget

“This budget proposal doesn’t make drastic eliminations when you look at the whole federal higher education picture, but it does start the ball rolling at eliminating a few things that work at the margins”. All states would feel the cuts.

At least 6,000 Hawaii students – including more than 1,000 on the Big Island – could be without after-school care if President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 fiscal budget were to take effect as is.

But under President Trump’s new proposed federal budget, Wings primary source of funding would be eliminated. It is meant to improve teacher preparation and recruit and retain high quality teachers.

City schools and after-school programs could lose $140 million, according to Chancellor Carmen FariƱa.

The programs also support working families who struggle to find and pay for quality after-school programs, she said.

The program is criticized in the proposed budget for lacking “strong evidence of meeting its objectives, such as improving student achievement”.

Nationally, students who participate in GEAR UP’s programming enroll in college at a rate of 77.3 percent, almost 32 percentage points higher than other low-income students, according to the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships. California now receives $104 million through the program.

A longstanding program created to keep America’s most impoverished children in a safe, learning environment during after-school hours would be eliminated entirely under a budget proposal released today by President Donald Trump. Through that program, more than 4,200 students in West Virginia received a total of nearly $5.9 million.

For a list of federal education funds received by California, go here.

Included in the proposed $9 billion reduction are cuts to financial aid to low-income Americans seeking to earn a college degree. California receives another $4.3 billion in postsecondary funding, most of which consists of $4.1 billion in Pell Grants for low-income college students.

“Throwing billions at defense while ransacking America’s investments in jobs, education, clean energy and lifesaving medical research will leave our nation weakened”, Pelosi said in a statement.

IDEA funding for programs that support students with special needs and disabilities would remain stable at $13 billion. At the same time, special education advocates have been pushing for decades for additional federal support.

The budget proposal, released Thursday, keeps the Pell Grant program, but reduces funds for it by $3.9 billion. The proposed budget also calls for $168 million for charter schools.

That is not a lot of detail, clearly, on how the money will be spent, or how a nationwide school voucher program would work.The President recently indicated his support for an approach like that in Florida, which includes school vouchers and tax credits that fund private schools, including religious schools. North country schools would unlikely be able to increase Title I monies, as those funds are tied to the schools adopting a system of student-based budgeting and open enrollment that enables federal, state and local funding to follow the student to the public school of his or her choice. “This budget is the first step in investing in education programs that work”. And earlier this month, the Indiana Department of Education published its annual report on the state’s voucher system – the largest in the country – showing that, while the state saved money, public schools lost funding, and don’t cover the entire cost of private tuition, according to the Indianapolis Star.

As for the elementary schoolers, they seem blissfully unaware that it could soon be going away.

Linda Darling-Hammond, a Stanford professor and president of the Learning Policy Institute – a nonprofit group focused on teaching – noted that under No Child Left Behind, the state used these grants to reduce class sizes. TRIO provides services throughout the education pipeline to help students succeed beginning in middle school.

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