Man shot at Orly known to French secret service: minister

In mid-February, a machete-wielding Egyptian attacked soldiers on patrol outside the Louvre museum in Paris, slightly injuring one of them, before being shot and wounded.

The Paris prosecutors’ office announced its anti-terrorism section had taken over the investigation.

A national police official said it is unclear whether the attacker acted alone.

The police officer’s injuries are not life threatening.

Police sources in France described the attacker as “a radicalised Muslim known to intelligence services”, who had a history of crimes, including thefts and violent robberies.

Another man says on BFM that there was a group of three soldiers targeted, and they tried to calm the man who seized the weapon. In the ensuing struggle on the ground, other members of the patrol opened fire, killing him, an army spokesman said. Authorities warned people to avoid going into the area while the security operation was in progress. The British royals earlier on Saturday met some of the survivors of the Paris attacks in a visit to a military hospital. “He was quickly neutralised by the security forces”, Mr Brandet said.

The Interior Ministry tweeted that whether the attack was terrorist in nature would be established by the judicial authorities. The assailant’s identity had been known to police. “All this leads me to justify the state of emergency” that has been in effect since November 2015, Hollande said.

“We were sitting in Hall Three when all of a sudden people started running and telling us to run with them”, Ellie Guttetter, 18, from the United States said.

There are 7,500 soldiers in the Sentinelle force, half of whom are deployed in Paris – the remainder in the regions. “But there is the bravery of our soldiers!”

Hossain said bomb experts were at the scene to examine the explosives.

A woman’s vehicle was hijacked at gunpoint, by the gunman which was later found at Orly airport.

Orly-Sud had reopened to incoming flights but outgoing flights were still suspended.

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