UMass economist: Republican bill does nothing to expand health care

Friday morning, members of the Republican Study Committee – who have expressed serious doubts about the House’s health care bill – emerged from a meeting at the White House supportive.

Former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Price said, decreases choice and competition by dictating out of Washington what boils down to three insurance choices.

“Obamacare” is the nickname for the Affordable Care Act that Trump and congressional Republicans are trying to repeal and replace. Their message to congress: hands off.

The projections are giving fuel to opponents who say the House GOP plan should be scrapped. As the GOP constructs its own version of “health care for all”, its representatives are tossing around wonky health policy terms to describe their core strategies. That message was delivered to the people traveling the bustling Dodge corridor.

That decrease would be even more pronounced in San Francisco, where health care is more expensive.

At a meeting between President Donald Trump and some skeptical members of the House, Trump offered concessions to help bring the members on board. That all changed under the ACA-maternity and newborn care were one of the 10 essential health benefits required to be covered by any plan sold on the state health exchanges, so women could be certain that they would be covered, even with the most basic high-deductible plans.

What’s most astonishing about the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the House Republicans’ health care plan is not the estimate that it would increase the ranks of the uninsured by 24 million over the next decade.

These numbers are quite a bit higher than the 15 million increase in uninsured people that researchers at the Brookings Institution had suggested earlier last week.

“The block grant is very important because I want the states to get the money and to run the program if they want to run it, because they can run it better than the federal government”, he said in front of reporters.

But hospitals say the expansion of Medicaid has been huge for IL.

Officials pointed to two aspects of the GOP plan that would hurt the state’s Medicaid system.

If the Trump administration continues to push the AHCA, the president will break his campaign promise to deliver an Obamacare replacement plan that provides insurance coverage to more people, reduces premiums and costs, and doesn’t cause anyone to lose their current coverage.

“Unless we gave it massive subsidies, it’s not going to be there”, he said. The movement has given House Republican leadership a shot of confidence, scheduling a vote on the bill before the full House next Thursday.

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