Would the American Health Care Act Benefit Patients?

Projected effects on Colorado Medicaid funding of the American Health Care Act.

That figure would grow to $2 billion a year by 2030 and could result in 600,000 Coloradans losing health insurance, the Colorado Health Institute, a nonpartisan health care think-tank, predicts in the new report. A dramatic example, as reported by Business Insider, concludes that under the new plan the 400 wealthiest households in America get a tax cut of seven million dollars per household per year. He is one of a number of Republicans who have said they can not get behind the American Health Care Act, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. “We stand united today to move this forward for the American people”, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee Mark Walker, told reporters on Friday morning. “The legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare is coming up for a vote very soon”.

Friedsam said the market is strong now, but could potentially collapse in the future if there aren’t fixes.

“You take a look at the economy, and a lot of the growth is coming from companies with 100 employees or less”, he said.

In Wisconsin, marketplace premiums went up on average of 16 percent. Nor is it the savage price increases the bill would impose on low-income older Americans seeking to buy insurance.

But the congressional numbers crunchers aren’t the only ones predicting dire consequences from the GOP plan. The cuts caused some providers to shut their doors, which left some children without services, she says. It would also remove the individual mandate, requiring people to pay a fine if they fail to get health coverage.

The GOP health care bill received a major boost Friday as critical Republicans who had been opposed pledged to support it after being offered changes to the legislation.

AARP is calling one facet of the plan an “age tax”. Under Republican proposal, older people would receive higher credits but can also be charged five times as much as younger people. In addition, the bill would make it harder for many older adults and people with disabilities to live in their homes and communities because it would repeal a financial incentive in the current law for states to provide a home- and community-based option. While the change may seem relatively minor to most people, Davis said, it would have a profound impact on people with diminished or impaired mental capacity. The answer to the first is that if the American Health Care Act passed as constructed, it would increase the number of uninsured, and intuitively, the expectation would be a decreased level of care for those uninsured patients.

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