Changes to Affordable Care Act may effect entrepreneurs

That move came after President Trump huddled with a group of wary House conservatives, and (reportedly) endorsed three amendments to the bill – including a provision that would strip Medicaid from unemployed, able-bodied adults.

The president voiced confidence during a meeting with members of the conservative Republican Study Committee.

Trump said the best thing he can do is absolutely nothing. He said he did so with the understanding that changes would be made before it comes to the House floor. It is nearly inexplicable why Republicans – and Trump in particular – would back a plan that seems almost created to punish the voters who gave Trump his victory.

Still, the endorsement from Walker could help GOP leaders as they seek to corral votes for the legislation. Apparently in a deal-making mode, Trump was trying to offer assurances Friday amid concerns voiced from both the right and center, as well as from Democrats.

It takes health care from up to 24 million of our vulnerable elderly and our poorest community members and passes the resources to the wealthiest in the form of tax cuts.

Without Democratic support, Republicans can not afford to lose many votes from their own ranks, even though they control both chambers of Congress, as well as the White House. “The American public wants access to affordable, quality care; they want to make sure the care is there when they need it”. But every credible analysis of the original GOP plan says it would be very hard on older Americans and low-income people.

Republican Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah has said he supports the GOP plan because it would give states more flexibility, but Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada says he’s concerned his state could be “punished” under the plan.

One of his major electoral promise, Trump has initiated steps to replace and repeal the signature healthcare initiative of his predecessor Barack Obama.

That figure would grow to $2 billion a year by 2030 and could result in 600,000 Coloradans losing health insurance, the Colorado Health Institute, a nonpartisan health care think-tank, predicts in the new report.

Blum said he expects the legislation to go through some changes before it is brought to the full U.S. House for a vote.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz, a former Republican presidential candidate, told CBS News that Obamacare has increased the healthcare insurance significantly and has become unaffordable for the common man.

According to The New York Times, the bill would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, allowing people to not buy health insurance; replace income-based insurance subsidies with smaller tax credits based on age and income; roll back the Medicaid expansion and provide only a per-person allotment to states for Medicaid.

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