Check Out Trump’s Logic on His Insane Environmental Budget Cuts

The budget blueprint also includes some major losers.

Numerous proposals are likely to be reworked by Congress. Money for National Heritage Areas and National Wildlife Refuges would be cut.

Plus, for the most part, school bus drivers live paycheck to paycheck.

The proposed budget does not specifically say whether the White House plans to cut or eliminate funding of State Department or USAID initiatives or programs that promote LGBT and intersex rights overseas.

“It’s not just bad for MA, it’s bad for the country”, Baker said, calling the NIH proposal “particularly alarming”. In exchange, drug and device makers will get “administrative actions created to achieve regulatory efficiency and speed the development of safe and effective medical products”, according to the blueprint.

Here’s how the Trump administration’s allocated budget will affect the two departments in the time to come, given the budget is passed. He told Congress in 2013 that State Department spending reduces the need to rely on the military. Trump budget chief Mick Mulvaney engaged in a contentious exchange with reporters Thursday, as he defended cuts to the Meals on Wheels program for seniors. It preserves funding for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and calls it one of the Department of Health and Human Services’ “highest priorities”.

“I think it’s just very easy to say, let someone else take care of it, but if they don’t have any other money I just don’t see how that’s gonna happen”, said Pearce.

The Environmental Protection Agency, which faces a $2.5 billion cut that among many other things eliminates Chesapeake Bay cleanup funding, and calls for significant personnel cuts. Alabama’s government could not cope with the changes that would be wrought by the president’s budget. He expressed anger over a mere 3 percent increase above former President Barack Obama’s defense budget proposal for 2018. “It threatens the science that makes us strong, the diplomats that keep us safe, and the local investment on which our entire economy depends”, Kennedy said in a statement. It will be weeks or months before we get a true sense of what government spending will look like in the Trump era.

“The President’s budget proposal puts cities across America and our residents last”.

King County’s 2017-18 budget assumes about $50 million in federal grants for housing and community development, according to David Shurtleff, communications director for the Metropolitan King County Council.

There’s barely a peep in Trump’s budget about Medicare or Medicaid.

“Affordable housing is a luxury and we are going to get rid of it”, she said. The organization criticized the large increases for charter schools and voucher programs and added that the proposed $1 billion in Title I funding for low-income students would be dedicated to “portability” programs that could be directed to nonpublic schools.

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