House will vote on Obamacare repeal Thursday as Trump pledges ‘100%’ support

The Republican healthcare bill wouldn’t return the country to the way things were before Obamacare, but it would change the financial math for the people who got insurance through the ACA.

One of the few numbers from the Congressional Budget Office analysis of their healthcare plan that Republicans have been eager to trumpet is this: Under their plan, individual market health-insurance premiums will be 10% lower on average than they would be under Obamacare by 2026. Pugel says capping what the state can spend per person will make it hard for the state to respond to outbreaks such as Zika or addressing Kentucky’s Opioid addiction epidemic.

Activists have taken in droves to social media in an initiative they hope Congressmembers will notice, one they say will tell the personal stories of children, seniors and working families who depend on Medicaid.

Trump appeared with committee members after the meeting.

But Trump on Friday said that the current state of Obamacare necessitates that bill passing Congress.

GOP opponents from the right and center are already hardening their positions against the Trump-backed legislation.

“They won’t have the votes unless they change it” further, said Rep. Mark Meadows ( R-N.C.).

And some of the most conservative Republicans, those in the Freedom Caucus, remain unpersuaded.

The other change imposes optional work requirements for Medicaid recipients.

A children’s advocacy organization contends the American Health Care Act – the proposed replacement for Obamacare – would be devastating for youngsters in NY who are covered through Medicaid and the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. If all Democrats vote against the legislation along with the Republicans, Trumpcare will be dead.

Several participants later confirmed to reporters that those who attended the meeting indeed are now a “yes”. “Sometimes we ask them to do stuff they’re not capable of doing, and estimating the impact of a bill of this size probably isn’t the best use of their time”.

“That’s never healthy to let something sit out there too long because pretty soon you have a carcass left”, he said. Insurance for younger New Yorkers would likely become less expensive, while older ones would pay much more. But there’s this caveat: It’s only good news if any revised plan they craft reverses the original plan’s heartless attempt to deny health care to as many as 24 million Americans over the next decade – with 14 million losing coverage in the first year.

“Then I got really sick and we lost our home and auto, we lost everything”, Howard, 58, said referring to the costly medical bills.

Health and medical experts, AARP, the Kaiser Foundation and many Republicans in Congress are opposed to the current wording of the AHCA. Collins’ opposition leaves the bill short of the support it needs in the Senate unless it changes, since GOP leaders can only lose two votes.

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