In wake of baby’s death, mayor vows to fix 911 problem

The details behind the two deaths, both of which happened in Dallas, read like a true horror story.

It’s unclear whether a quicker response would’ve made any difference for Cross, and Taffet isn’t yet sure what caused his husband’s death on March 6.

T-Mobile has made some technological upgrades, which officials declined to elaborate on for security reasons. “They are not answering their phones, ‘” Alex said. Call takers returned each call, but were unable to reach the individual.

He said something should have been done weeks ago, but that officials were “looking ahead”. “We need to get to the facts on every issue and any fatality around this”, Rawlings said. “But it’s not over yet”.

The City says a glitch involving a T-Mobile issue started intermittently in November, but has gotten much worse over the last month. It affected all of T-Mobile’s almost 50 million customers. “Now, the city was pretty clear they are working on some things on their end”. He had been critical of the company in recent days. The sitter was left on hold for 30 minutes.

Dallas City authorities reported that the T-Mobile ghost call issue has not yet been fixed.

“They are stretched very thin”, he said. The issue, it seems, involves T-Mobile phones repeatedly dialing 911 while the subscriber, who first called 911, sits on hold.

T-Mobile now believes it wasn’t alone in the problem.

His remarks came as the second death attributed to the 911 wait time issue was revealed publicly.

“If you hang up and then call back to tell us that it was an accidental dial then we would have to put an emergency call on hold twice”. Starting this weekend, one dozen additional call takers will on hand each day to help offer improved service.

“All Americans must have reliable 911 service for emergencies”. In the meantime, the Dallas call center is bringing in more personnel to answer emergency calls. “That one piece – think about how that could help the situation”. The mayor said the city needs to upgrade its technology and that it could be a variable in play.

On Wednesday, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said he sent his top engineers to resolve the issue. The 911 center receives between 1 million and 2 million calls each year.

The only other city experiencing a similar problem, Denver, has seen it on a much smaller scale, according to documents provided to CBS News.

Saturday nighty six-month-old Brandon Alex died after his babysitter couldn’t reach anyone through 911. Taffet called 911 but after a few minutes was disconnected. “I’m also encouraged”, Rawlings continued, “that city manager T.C. Broadnax has committed to increasing staffing and recommending any other budgetary enhancements to our 911 call center”.

“I’ve heard nothing, and they told me they’d keep me informed of what’s going on”, Taffet said.

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