It’s about time Republicans got rid of Obamacare

These are the working-class folks who need help.

MICK MULVANEY, Trump’s budget director: “If you have coverage that doesn’t allow you to go to the doctor, what good is it in the first place?” It would dramatically cut coverage for poor and middle-class Americans, increase costs sharply for older Americans and give hundreds of billions in tax breaks to the wealthy and corporate interests.

Many of us have forgotten that President Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency and Legal Aid; perhaps President Trump can create Healthcare for All. Specifically, we estimate that up to 3 million adults with a serious mental illness have enrolled in the Medicaid Expansion, and that approximately 1 million persons with ID/DD have enrolled in Medicaid, principally through Home and Community Based Service Waivers. So we think that the Republicans and Democrats should sit down together and look at it.

Concern, though, still looms among governors in 31 states including in that expanded Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act using federal dollars.

It also said that average health coverage premiums would rise by 15 to 20 percent in 2018 and 2019 for individual policy holders, “mainly because the individual mandate penalties would be eliminated, inducing fewer comparatively healthy people to sign up”.

“This proposal to end the Medicaid program as we know it would lock Virginia into the very lean and mean program that we have now into perpetuity”, Michael Cassidy, president and CEO of The Commonwealth Institute, a Richmond-based fiscal policy analysis group that focuses on issues that impact low-income and middle-class people, said in an interview earlier this week.

What is missed in the Congressional Budget Office report on Trumpcare is the cost of the 24 million additional uninsured (over the next decade) on your own medical bills. The CBO and JCT score it as a $158 billion loss over 10 years. Older people would either ratchet down to a skimpier coverage plan with higher deductibles or do without insurance altogether.

As I understand Paul Ryan, the Republican health care plan is not meant to provide universal health care coverage, but instead respect each American’s individual right to have health insurance or not. Party moderates say it will push too many constituents off coverage, including Obama’s expansion of Medicaid for more low-earning people and others who’ve bought insurance – often with federal subsidies – on government-run online marketplaces.

Nevertheless, House Speaker Paul Ryan tried to strike an optimistic tone as he addressed reporters Thursday for his weekly press briefing.

“Oh heck, yes”, said one conservative leader, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, when asked if the GOP legislation needed changes to win his support. “It is about giving people more choices and better access to a plan they want and can afford”.

“We told them we were going to replace it with something that would bring down the cost of insurance”. In the past couple of months, the Trump administration and the new GOP Congress have done all they could to undermine Obamacare, and now that their efforts are beginning to succeed they’re claiming Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight.

Trump was expected to urge lawmakers to back the bill in remarks later Wednesday in Nashville, Tenn. “As drafted, the House bill would not pass the Senate”.

Stubbornly, I still believe that the business tax-reform package – nice and simple, with repatriation, lower rates and immediate expensing – should be grafted onto the health care reconciliation bill.

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