Netflix Changes Rating System

The star ratings on Netflix are going bye-bye.

For years, Netflix has asked users to rate the things they’ve watched with a straightforward five-star system. And considering that Netflix is the one who spent money on them, it’s important for the company to close that gap. So, we give Oscar nominated foreign documentaries five stars even tough we fell asleep halfway through, because that’s what critics tell us to do.

Part of the idea behind the new system is gaining a better idea of what users actually enjoy.

That’s a long list, one that includes its high-profile partnerships with Adam Sandler, well-reviewed film-festival premieres, critically acclaimed formal experiments, and a whole mess of stand-up specials.

Why is Netflix ditching star ratings?

The thumbs rating system has been adapted by other video and social media platforms, therefore it’s something people are familiar with. “We sat back for a couple of months and observed”, Yellin said. Now Netflix says it’s making the same change.

How does Netflix’s thumbs ratings work?

Instead, Netflix is opting for a system that is akin to how Rotten Tomatoes calculates their Tomatometer. Pandora uses them, Reddit uses them (the arrows, that is), and more. That system “really projects what you think you want to tell the world”.

Netflix figures it can get a better response from users via a simple thumbs up or thumbs down choice. The company also plans to start per cent matching. Programs with less than a 50 percent match won’t have the percentage shown, according to Variety. Shows will also display a match rating, which shows how closely it aligns with a user’s taste. In which case we recommend exploring these secret Netflix codes20 Secret Netflix Codes Guaranteed to Help You Find New Content 20 Secret Netflix Codes Guaranteed to Help You Find New Content Here’s our list of the 20 secret Netflix codes guaranteed to help you find new content.

It’s mixing and matching all this – again, with the objective of “bubbling up” stuff people actually want to watch. The streaming service announced yesterday, March 16, that the five star rating system used since Netflix’s inception, will be removed from April. It will slowly roll out globally.

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