New rumor claims Google developing large phone with ‘taimen’ codename

Since the Muskie and Walleye are rumouredly the next generation of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, there isn’t much clarity as to where the Taimen stands. Google is apparently working towards launching “Taimen”, along with “Muskie” and “Walleye”, sometime in 2017. It’s also known as the Siberian salmon but a few months from now, it will be more known as a new Google Pixel phone. The first are the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which are called internally “walleye” and “muskie”. Whether or not that equates to a larger phone than the current 5.5-inch Pixel XL remains to be seen.

Building up on its smartphone success, Google is not only launching two Pixel successors, but also a third phone without the Pixel branding. However, now we have a report which claims that the company is working on yet another smartphone codenamed “Taimen”.

Apart from the speculations it is clear that Google Pixel devices will be premium and will feature the best hardware available in the market. Taimen may be Google’s smartphone that doesn’t belong to the Pixel family.

Make no mistake about “Taimen” – this is not a tablet or a hybrid notebook and the likes as the insider specifically stated that “Taimen” is a codename for a phone.

Google actually has significant experience with large smartphones, as proven by the release of the Nexus 6, a smartphone with a huge 6-inch display.

Thus, it is safe to argue that the third device won’t likely be a Pixel 2.

Is there anything else important that we should know?

Also, any fishing buffs out there will be quick to point out that a taiman is significantly larger than a muskie, which in turn outweighs a walleye.

Every company has to customise the security patch update according to their device’s specification after approving it – making the process lengthier.

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