Super Mario Run for Android will be available March 23

Super Mario Run is arriving for Android devices next week after being previously launched last December on the iOS. Pre-registration started for Android in December, and now we’re finally almost there. Now, there is a mention on when exactly the Android users can get to play Super Mario on their devices. If you’d like to continue playing after that, though, you’ll need to pony up $9.99.

The unlock fee could be pricey, with a $10USD fee listed in comments on the iOS app store reviews. Super Mario Run was Nintendo’s take on the “endless” runner genre where players had to get Mario through a variety of levels without stopping. Nintendo of America announced on Twitter the game would release next week, March 23.

Although the launch of Super Mario run on Android will be hugely popular the game has come in for some criticism. The new version will introduce new characters in the game. This has been a major criticism of Super Mario Run.

The question now is whether Android users will even care about Super Mario Run after being forced to wait months to play the side-scrolling, auto-running game. People would rather pay $1 or $2 to unlock additional levels here and there, than pay the $10 to unlock the complete full game.

In addition to the nostalgia factor, much of the game’s success is attributed to Nintendo’s control scheme that enables one-handed play.

It is likely that Super Mario Run app will be free on the Google Play Store as it is on the iOS.

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