Trump Budget Director Calls President’s Budget “Compassionate”

Mulvaney said Trump’s proposed budget increases spending on his priorities without adding to the deficit. Other big losers: the Agriculture and Labor departments, whose budget would both be cut by 21 percent, and the Department of Health and Services, whose funding would be slashed by 18 percent.

Barack Obama sent a preliminary budget for fiscal 2010 to Congress in late February 2009 and followed up with a complete budget in May.

President Donald Trump’s first budget is likely to face resistance from lawmakers, but the White House budget chief argued that the proposal is in line with the president’s campaign promises. It’s one of the largest departments in the government and slashing the budget is the lowest funding for the agency in about 20 years.

Includes $900 million in cuts to research at the nation’s universities and national laboratories.

“It’s not just bad for MA, it’s bad for the country”, Baker said, calling the NIH proposal “particularly alarming”.

“In fact, a senior aide to GOP leadership on Capitol Hill said the President’s budget is ‘a joke… we’ve learned not to listen to anything he says or does. It’s like the governor’s budget”, Baker said.

Trump’s budget also completely cuts funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, along with the Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio – something many Republicans have been pushing for years.

Trump’s America First: A Budget Blueprint To Make America Great Again “looks more like a Ronald Reagan budget than a [George W.] Bush budget”, Chris Edwards, the director of tax policy studies at the Libertarian think tank Cato Institute told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This pretty much eliminates that possibility in terms of the help coming from the federal government”.

“We can’t spend money on programmes just because they sound good”, Mulvaney said. Trump plans to do these tasks without increasing our debt.

“But Petri’s column is actually a brutal attack on Trump’s proposed budget, with cuts domestic programs and the State Department while boosting the defense budget”.

“America has one of the highest rates of poverty in the developed world, sky-high levels of income inequality, and low levels of social mobility”.

“The President knows who his voters are”.

“We’re going to spend money. but we’re not going to spend it on programs that can not show they actually deliver the promises that we’ve made to people”. Within government, a budget in its most basic form equals policy priority. “Our community will be hit hard by the proposed elimination of help for households in immediate danger of being without heat and Community Development Block grants that support the production of affordable housing and the revitalization of our Main Streets”. The budget also seeks to reduce “administrative costs and rebalance federal contributions to research funding”.

“What you’ve got now is we’re forcing people to buy it under Obamacare under penalty of law and people are still looking for a way not to buy it”, he said.

President Trump also requested $5.7 billion for the EPA, a cut of $2.6 billion, or 31%, from the amount appropriated for 2017 in a continuing resolution.

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