Trump’s budget: 5 healthcare winners and 8 losers

Trump proposed-2018-budget-could-impact-mid.html”>budget/2017/03/16/9952d63e-0a6b-11e7-b77c-0047d15a24e0_story.html”>said on the campaign trail that he would not cut Social Security or Medicare.

At the Environmental Protection Agency, the budget would be slashed by 31 percent, to $5.7 billion.

“But it also calls for the sweeping elimination or reduction of more than 20 categorical programs “that do not address national needs, duplicate other programs, or are more appropriately supported with state, local, or private funds”, including Striving Readers, Teacher Quality Partnership, Impact Aid Support Payments for Federal Property, and International Education programs”, the budget document said. Protecting our citizens and securing their freedom is job number one.

There are many things to like about President Donald Trump’s preliminary budget, but some concerns remain, and we will have to wait a bit for more details. In the poll, 71 percent of people said the United States should focus on alternative energy to solve USA energy problems, while 23 percent said the country should emphasize the production of oil, gas and coal.

Trump also aims to eliminate over 50 EPA programs with the Energy Star program, which aims to improve energy efficiency, and save consumers’ money; discontinue funding for global climate change programs; cut funding for the Office of Research and Development in half; and also cut funding for the Superfund cleanup program and the Office of Enforcement and Compliance. So, while Mulvaney says the spending plan doesn’t add to the federal deficit, the White House doesn’t have a projection as to when or if the budget could be balanced over the next decade. Beaton said his office receives roughly $65 million from the federal government. The White House says this move will help shift the EPA’s focus back to its “core legal requirements” of safeguarding air and water, Bloomberg reports, quoting Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney. The administration also plans to ask for $30 billion for the Department of Defense and $3 billion for the Department of Homeland Security for the 2017 fiscal year, according to Reuters. And the federally funded Child and Adult Care Food Program, which feeds over 4 million children daily in child care centers, family care homes, and after-school programs, has provided kids better nutrition than they’d get elsewhere, which in turn is associated with better educational outcomes.

Fogarty International Center: The NIH program created to build partnership between US health research organizations and other countries will be terminated. “In fact, it’s something we don’t think we can defend anymore”.

“I can’t justify them to the folks who are paying the taxes”. Of course, all of these cuts are part of the plan to being gathering the funds to pay for the proposed wall between the United States and Mexico. The Trump administration boasts that its defence increase is among the largest ever recorded in US history.

All told, ending governmental support for these cultural institutions saves a bit less than a billion dollars – not even a pittance in the context of almost $4 trillion in government spending.

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