Trump Wins Support For GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Bill

Under the House bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, the tax penalty for people who don’t buy insurance would go away immediately.

“And if people just want little changes to the bill they’re going to be able to be bought. We always do”, he said.

Donald Trump’s administration has conceded the Republican healthcare bill must change if it has any hopes of being passed through Congress.

“AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond released the following statement today in response to the pending vote on the House bill that would create an “Age Tax”, weaken Medicare’s solvency, put at risk seniors” ability to live independently as they age, and give sweetheart deals to big drug and insurance companies.

Here is a view to the future; if this legislation continues Republicans could lose majorities in both houses, making Trump’s trip for four years a tough one. It doesn’t repeal Obamacare.

Walker brought nine members who were also opposed to the bill with him to the White House Friday morning and afterwards said all of them are now on board, including Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama, who voted against the bill Thursday in the House Budget Committee.

The bill will also likely require significant revisions in the Senate, where Republicans can afford to lose only three GOP votes.

“They haven’t really said why their forecast of Affordable Care Act [ACA] enrollment was wrong”, Furchtgott-Roth said, using another name for Obamacare. This is compared to the 28 million that would not have coverage if Obamacare stayed in place. If all Democrats vote against the legislation along with the Republicans, Trumpcare will be dead.

Conservatives have criticized the legislation as too similar to Obama’s law.

Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, said the CBO analysis “clearly shows” that GOP leaders “are pushing a health bill that would be a disaster for America’s families”.

Representative Charlie Dent, following a meeting of moderate Republicans with Pence, told reporters that speeding up the termination of the Medicaid expansion was a “non-starter”.

Republicans are also arguing that the CBO is only scoring a portion of their overall plan. Others in the GOP, however, said the report was another sign that the bill wouldn’t work as an ACA replacement.

The conservative Freedom Caucus, which consists of about 40 House members, is still not on board, per a tweet Friday.

The approach reflects a keen awareness within the White House of how much is riding on the effort.

A libertarian, Paul posted an op-ed on the Breitbart News website later on Wednesday calling Ryan’s plan “Obamacare Lite” and suggesting smashing it to “smithereens”. “So, those savings over a 10-year period would be less than 1% of federal spending and we’re giving up 24 million Americans being covered by insurance, so that’s a very substantial trade-off in coverage for a very small amount of savings”.

“I’m not for this plan, and I think there’s lot of opposition to this plan in the House and Senate”, Jordan said.

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