Winners And Losers Under Trump’s Budget Plan

The proposal would cut funding to the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent, the State Department by 29 percent and the Department of Labor by 21 percent. The document released Thursday was just an outline; the full budget – which will include information on taxes, spending on entitlements such as Social Security, economic projections and other topics – probably won’t come until May.

“This a proposal that will make Americans sicker, poorer, more stressed, less educated, less financially secure, and decidedly unsafe”.

“We call on members of the U.S. Congress to oppose this budget”, said AJWS President and CEO Robert Bank, “and we call on American Jews and all Americans who are guided by the value of upholding the dignity of every person to oppose President Trump’s proposed radical cuts to the budget”.

We’re sending a message to Congress, and the message is very, very clear. It’s part of the block grants that we give to the states. The blueprint calls for a “major reorganization” of the department and reduces its administrative costs.

During his campaign, Trump often brought up the care of veterans as a central priority. It is the fact that the federal government is funding public broadcasting at all.

Defense would be the biggest victor, with a $52 billion increase that amounts to more than three times Canada’s total military expenditures in 2015. That’s more than the funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.

More than 50 environmental programs would be eliminate under the spending plan, including the Energy Star initiative. The Department of Health and Human Service, which includes the NIH, FDA, Indian Health Service and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, was earmarked for $15.1 billion in cuts.

Trump wants $500 million more to spend on opioid addiction prevention and treatment; and he wants $1.4 billion more to expand school choice programs. In fiscal year 2017, $18 billion in nondefense discretionary cuts would be overridden by $30 million in additional military spending and another $3 billion for beefed up border security and immigration officers and the much-talked-about wall on the Mexican border.

As for other losers in Trump’s first budget blueprint, the proposal suggests a massive 20 percent, amounting to $6 billion, cut in the budget allocated for the National Institutes for Health (NIH), various media houses reported.

The budget also would eliminate funding for 19 independent agencies, including the Chemical Safety Board.

These cuts, which have been rumored for awhile, seem to fly in the face of Defense Secretary James Mattis’ views. “If Trump refuses to be serious about protecting our health and climate, or our publicly owned lands, then Congress must act, do its job, and reject this rigged budget”.

Cohen lambasts the budget for proposing to add to military spending – nearly equivalent to what Russian Federation spends in total on its national defense – to supposedly keep America safe. NIH funds medical research, including about 300,000 scientists at universities. It increases funds to substance abuse treatment programs by $500 million and would create a non-specified emergency fund for disease outbreaks, according to the report.

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