‘Beauty and the Beast’ tops the North American box office with $170M

Beauty and the Beast opened as the #1 film in virtually all markets. The classic animated “Beauty” has stood the test of time and is still by consensus one of the best Disney has ever made.

Complete with cussing, grinding, and a whole lot of shade, this parody version of Beauty and the Beast is decidedly much dirtier (and sillier) than its predecessors.

“Beauty” cost the hardly trifling sum of US$300 million to make, but analysts say it should easily reach profitability.

But Evans’ portrayal of Gaston’s swagger and arrogance makes you desperately want to like him, no matter how nasty he gets. “We figured that by doing an event like this, not only is the movie memorable, but for the younger kids, they’ll remember this event maybe for their lifetime”.

Still, the picture has all the makings of a hit that will continue to dominate the box office in the weeks to come.

Did you go see anything in theaters this weekend??

“Beauty and the Beast”, featuring the songs by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, also got a boost from good word-of-mouth and largely good reviews. For one, it has sentimental value; it’s a timeless fairytale, and anyone who grew up watching the Disney animated version is probably excited to see one of their favorite childhood stories revamped. The story follows Belle as she learns to look beyond the Beast’s ugly exterior to see a kind and loving heart within.

The movie is part of the company’s successful strategy of reinterpreting branded fairy tales for the screen. “It’s sort of a timeless story”.

“The tagline of the movie is “a tale as old as time” and it’s true”, said the actress – a fan of the 1946 Jean Cocteau version as well as the 1991 film – at the star-studded USA premiere in Hollywood on March 2. “I don’t think that was going to dissuade anyone except the most narrow-minded from seeing this film”.

Paige Edwards, 10, who was at the ball, said she hopes the remake is like the original. Throughout the movie, there were scenes where the Beast looked cheap and underdeveloped, especially in comparison to other contemporary films such as Plant of the Apes.

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