Beauty and the Beast

One scene took a year-and a-half to finish. Before you hear the track while watching the credits roll, read on for Dion’s thoughts on the song, family time at Disney theme parks and more. In the past, sometimes when I’ve seen CGI characters, I’ve felt a disconnect emotionally, and that’s really not the case in our version, I really felt like, “The Beast has a soul!”

In this you find the film’s greatest strengths, but also its greatest weaknesses. She’s a very dramatic Italian diva, fancies herself the best singer in the world; I studied classical music so there were lots of operatic divas I modelled her after. My [6-year-old] twins are the same. There’s the risk of a story like this relying heavily on flashbacks to add depth, but they were used sparingly enough to where it didn’t feel obnoxious. It’s interesting … They are so wonderful. Even big names Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Emma Thompson (Mrs Potts) and Ewan McGregor (Lumière) can’t quite humanise the objects they play.

At first, yes, absolutely. “But there’s a willingness now to be like, ‘Fine, call me a diva, call me a feminazi, call me hard, call me a First World Feminist, call me whatever you want.’ It’s not going to stop me from trying to do the right thing”. It was such an iconic moment, still is and will be for the rest of my life.

Beauty and the Beast” is the fourth cinematic retelling of the celebrated tale, which began with Jean Cocteau’s 1946 French classic. Then there’s Gaston (Luke Evans), an arrogant former soldier turned hunter, who deftly evokes the ill-feeling his character deserves. I was five when the movie was released and between the songs, characters and fairy tale I was hooked.

Is this take on the classic animated Best Picture nominee as good as you probably want it to be? How have you changed?

“Beauty and the Beast” is rolling up its sleeves for fights with “Batman v Superman” and “Harry Potter”. Which might be possible if she weren’t completely repulsed by him; yes, she sings a song about it. You look at Beyonce’s brilliant movie Lemonade, this genre is taking on so many different forms.

Here, I think Emma and I tried to make sure that this was a 21st century heroine and role model. It’s also appealing to people who don’t go to the theater to see movies regularly. What’s your favorite ride?

Evans’ good looks, angular jaw and expressive eyes breathe life into Gaston, and he’s so much fun to watch because he’s the personification of one great big eye roll or head shake; he’s loud and smug and overly dramatic with his facial expressions and movements.

While she respects everybody’s personal lifestyle choices, Poston is opposed to Disney targeting young and susceptible children with its LGBT agenda.

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