Feminists, LGBT Vloggers, Pundits and Gamers — YouTube Censors Everyone

Have you ever stumbled upon an interesting YouTube channel?

He is one of several high-profile LGBT YouTubers affected by the restrictions, along with SeaineLove, NeonFiona and Rowan Ellis. It was further topped off by YouTuber NeonFionna, who posted side-by-side screenshots showing what keywords were being filtered as LGBTQ+ content.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been exploding in response to the removing on LGBTQ+ content.

The mode is meant to filter videos containing potentially inappropriate or “mature content”.

They claim say their new stricter rules are to prevent people seeing videos that deal with “more sensitive issues”, especially children.

YouTube has responded to the complaints but is still struggling to solve the problem.

For YouTubers, even incremental changes in how the site displays their videos can became major rallying points of outrage.

A number of popular YouTube video producers have accused the website of filtering out LGBTIQ content via its opaque “restricted mode”. Ellis’s channel focuses on feminist and queer examinations of pop culture.

She continued: “Whether that is with automatic tagging of content that they don’t think is appropriate, I think it’s really important to look at why LGBT content has been deemed inappropriate”. One of Seaine’s videos, “I Am Transgender”, disappears when viewed in restricted mode.

According to Google, which owns YouTube, the “offensive content” blocked by the Restricted Mode is identified by ‘community flagging, age restrictions, and other signals’.

“Kids who want to know about different orientations and definitions and about the history of LGBT people, etc, they can’t access that when their videos are being restricted”, NeonFiona says.

She tweeted: ‘LGBT+ content not safe for kids?’, adding: ‘It’s just any and all LGBT+ titles being flagged’.

Being the biggest source of media consumption on the interwebs, YouTube has been created to provide an intuitive video streaming experience to viewers of all ages on its platform.

It’s unclear whether the types of videos in question are now being categorized as “restricted” for the first time, or whether this is a long-standing policy that is only now getting attention.

Even family-friendly channels like the Game Grumps and Rooster Teeth are nearly entirely unavailable with the mode enabled.

Lilly Singh, who goes by ||Superwoman|| and has more than 11 million subscribers, does a lot of comedy sketches and isn’t exactly considered to be one of YouTube’s more controversial personalities.

There are many more where that came from, but it’s not clear exactly what’s causing the videos to be filtered.

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