Prioritise law and order, Adityanath tells police chief

If it were a country, Uttar Pradesh would be the world’s fifth-most populous.

“I have huge confidence that this new team [headed by Adityanath] will leave no stone unturned in making Uttar Pradesh [northern state] into Uttam Pradesh [excellent state]”, tweeted Mr Modi.

Suresh Khanna, the party’s senior-most MLA, who was also considered to be in the race for the chief minister’s post, proposed the Gorakhpur MP’s name. His rise to power was seen by dozens of thousands of zealots as the further consolidation of Hindutva and was welcomed with the slogan: “UP mein Rehna Hoga, Yogi, Yogi, Kehna Hoga” (If you were to live in UP, you have to submit to Yogi).

Hindustan Times and India Today highlighted most controversial statements targeting the minorities and the firebrand politics of Adityanath, while Times of India took a more cautious approach and highlighted the career and achievements of Adityanath.

There was widespread shock and surprise when Yogi Adityanath, a long-standing BJP member of parliament from eastern UP, who always dresses in saffron priest’s robes, was unexpectedly chosen by the party’s leaders following the party’s landslide state election victory a week ago. Adityanath met the state police chief and asked a plan for tackling crime in the state. “In Uttar Pradesh, it does not matter if it is the SP or the BJP in power. Thirdly, he said after becoming CM that “my motto is sabka sath, sabka vikas”. The trio of Modi, Amit Shah and Yogi fanned Hindu-Muslim communal polarization to neutralize the caste divisions in favor of majoritarian Hindu consolidation.

“I am confident that the state will march on the path of development”, he said. Some publications criticized the choice by running special features, highlighting the past statements of Adityanath while other resorted to highlighting Modi’s faith in him.

Of them, Gupta became chief minister three times.

This attempt to spread division and consolidate the Hindu voters proved highly effective in the Hindu majority state with the BJP winning 325 of Uttar Pradesh’s 403 seats, the biggest majority for any party in the state legislature in 40 years.

‘All these speculations and criticism of some of the parties are claiming that there is RSS pressure and BJP pressure but there is no pressure at all. We discussed together and I was the observer, ‘ he asserted.

She also said that BJP will not be able to maintain law and order in Uttar Pradesh.

His detractors have been accusing that the newly appoint UP chief is a Hindutva icon and that will be vindictive in his governance.

“Many people who voted for the BJP in these elections also have reservations about this chief minister”, Mr Verma said.

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