Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro to soon be released in India

Samsung confirmed that the device would be available with a great price of $599.99 and is already available to pre-order from or retailers like Amazon or Best Buy, with a choice of two colors, black or silver.

New images shared by Evan Blass reveal a few colors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will don when it hits the market.

Yet new information suggests that Samsung Galaxy S8 can make even greater output with 1,000 frames per second.

The update carried firmware version N920CXXU3COC7, which means that it is going out to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 variants with model number SM-N920C. This piece of tech would be slightly tweaked to go up to a 1000 Fps for the Galaxy S8 twins, thereby making it the only device with a rear camera that can capture in the slowest motion.

Blass predicts a 799€ price tag for the Galaxy S8 and an 899€ price for the Galaxy S8 Plus.

While previous Galaxy phones have allowed users to unlock their phones with facial recognition, the S8 would be the first to use the technology to verify financial payment applications.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release is not yet known, but then the savior of Galaxy Note 7 is expected to feature 3D OLED Touch.

Analysts, on the other hand, consider Samsung’s move as a reaction to rumors that Apple will also incorporate the facial recognition technology in their upcoming iPhone flagship model later this year. We’re also seen a number of rendered images and early hands-on videos but we haven’t heard anything about the possible colors until this weekend. Also as per latest claims of some insiders, Samsung has designed its Galaxy S8 with a sleek front panel from top to bottom leaving no space for a physical home button.

This new Samsung Galaxy Book is a 12-inch tablet with 3:2 screen aspect ratio and powered by Windows 10 system. It’s likely that the price won’t drop that dramatically, and might even see a slight increase, when converted for the USA market.

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