‘Several injured’ in ‘axe attack’ at Dusseldorf train station

A 36-year-old suspect from the former Yugoslavia, who suffers from psychological problems, has been arrested.

Trains are reportedly not stopping at the station. He is now under police guard in hospital with serious injuries.

“We were at the track waiting for the train”.

Four men and five women are among the injured, Deutsche Welle reports, adding that one of them is 13 years old.

Another witness told Bild newspaper: “I saw the man”. A police helicopter is circulating over the area, according to RP Online.

“We are not using the word terrorism”, said a police spokeswoman according to El Pais.

The statement said police are investigating whether the suspect attacked passengers on a commuter train as well. But they have since all been released.

Federal police tweeted that “speculation won’t help” and said Dusseldorf police would inform the public about the ongoing operation at the main station.

The incident comes just hours after seven people were left injured in Dusselford rail station after a man went on a rampage with an axe.

His motive remains unclear, but police are not describing it as a “terror” attack.

Trains are not stopping at the station. Islamic State claimed responsibility. The bomber, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, was the only person killed. It was the first suicide attack in German history.

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