The ‘This Is Us’ Finale Demands Crazy Theories About a Big Death

The This Is Us showrunner said it is a constant balancing act to space out the reveal of Jack’s death “in a way that is interesting for the audience and keeps people engaged and talking about it”.

The season one finale of NBC’s “This Is Us” aired Tuesday, and numerous show’s fans are disappointed that the episode didn’t provide an answer as to how Milo Ventimiglia’s character, Jack, died. Except what everyone assumed would happen. didn’t. The wonderful journey this series has had with fans began with them and it is fitting that the season should end with them, centering on a believable conflict that derives from Jack and Rebecca’s differences as two adults from widely different backgrounds.

From the kitchen to the den to the living room and back again, Jack and Rebecca’s argument was a marathon of a scene, only made more impressive by the fact that it was all done in one take. A fight broke out between Jack and Rebecca and she was none too happy about Jack’s alcoholism returning just as she was trying to pursue her lifelong dream. No additional clues were given on when and how Jack Pearson dies, which upset many people.

“I have an idea, based on a little bit of information, but I think the idea is that they got to a breaking point”, he said.

Moore was referring to an interview Ventimiglia did with Entertainment Weekly after the finale.

Rebecca hears the violent brawl and angrily drives a drunken Jack home.

Will “This Is Us” explain how Miguel & Rebecca got together? She’s come through a period where she’s finally beginning to deal with some of her internal damage, and also: What does she really want from her life? “It’s always handsome when there’s birthday parties and people are enjoying each other”. “These are two people that love each other very much, but they got to a heated place where they need to step away”.

An imminent divorce was one of our early theories about why Jack wasn’t around in the present day (before his death was revealed), and it’s curious that they didn’t use the “D”-word when they agreed to separate”. And it’s not afraid to build itself around a hero in Jack, who is all the more interesting for not being the ideal guy he first appeared to be. The last episode of the season ends with shots of the kids- Kate is ready to move on with Toby, Kevin is saying goodbye to Sophie to audition for a new movie with Ron Howard, and Randall wants to adopt a baby. There’s more to see of Rebecca and the big three. It’s unclear whether Jack and Rebecca’s split will make Jack’s drinking worsen as a result, but it’s entirely feasible – and frankly, depressing – for Jack and Rebecca to fall down the trap and become their parents.

But seriously, if we don’t find out how Jack kicks the bucket in the first half of Season 2, we’re going to be so pissed.

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