The Walking Dead Season 7 Will Not End With A Cliffhanger

I’ve been watching this so long that sometimes I forget how familiar I am with The Walking Dead’s rhythms: a lot of slow, meandering build-up, punctuated by the occasionally effective character story or sudden act of horrific violence. Yes, for all of the gory walker-kills on display, the show is extremely, conspicuously talky.

While Sasha and Rosita originally thought the socially awkward survivor was simply “playing an angle” when they spied him watching the perimeter of Negan’s lair, it sure didn’t seem that way at the end of the episode.

As for that promise of there being no cliffhanger, here’s what he shared about how they plan to wrap the season up. He asks where “her friends” are, with Maggie answering that they went “out” to look for “something they need”. They realize there’s much more that unites them than divides them.

“You’re one of the good things in this world”, she insisted. After all, there are only so many empty threats those two sides can make towards each other. Many believed upon the release of that news that Sasha’s time was limited. Will any of it happen in this season?

This allowed Rosita to share a little about her backstory and how she came to acquire her Liam Neeson-esque set of skills, as well as opening up to Sasha about her relationship with Abraham. “So we won’t focus on it constantly and it won’t be the focus of any big storylines for him. but he’ll make it with a dude every now and then. before going out and drop kicking zombies”.

“We step on the gas and we do not let our foot off the gas until the end of episode 16 (the season finale)”, Gimple said. Even in the apocalypse, it’s important to have your own identity. This scene threw the Bechdel test in a woodchipper, but it got Sasha and Rosita to say they had each other’s backs as they carried out their mission. And by trying to save him, they may have screwed themselves, forcing an impromptu two-woman commando raid instead of the surgical long-range strike they’d planned.

Sasha’s gentle but persistent compliments and questions crack the taciturn Rosita’s defensive shell, so viewers finally get her backstory.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has said he’ll be back for Season 8 and that he’s in it for “the long haul”.

When brightening up the image it looks like it may be Daryl coming to Rosita’s aid at the Sanctuary.

It’s here that The Walking Dead gives us our second big, teary moment of emotional catharsis, as Sasha and Rosita bond by discussing their respective pasts, and reflecting on what they loved about Abraham. When I was first here, I was never here. This means specifically for her figuring out a way to find him and do the job in one way or another.

Who is that silhouetted at the end? “He would’ve wanted to go out fighting”, Sasha says.

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