Uber’s president quits, cites differences in leadership, beliefs

Jeff Jones, the president of Uber has quit the car-hailing company after less than a year. It is said that Jones left the ride sharing company citing differences in the beliefs and approach towards leadership.

The past month-and-a-half has been particularly bruising for the company’s image.

Jones spent the beginning of his tenure meeting with and getting feedback from drivers to develop better business practices.

In a brief statement, Uber didn’t say why Jones left. Jones was poached from Target last August to be Uber’s number two executive. The man is renowned for his competence in the development of retailer’s brand. Jones roles indicated he would head Uber’s day-to-day operations, marketing and customer support globally. Jones chose to leave as the scandal with the sexual harassment has gotten worse. But, only the increased pressure due to the flood of allegations has affected his stance, forcing him to leave within six months of joining the company. However, he will continue offering his services to the company as an adviser.

Uber is among the fastest-growing tech startups in history, launching in 2009 as a way to order idle black town cars and over the next eight years evolving into a global transportation company worth $68 billion. Its entire future is questioned now, especially after this scandal emerged. Amit Singhal, a top Google engineer, was asked to resign in effect of failing to disclose a sexual harassment claim against him at his previous employer before joining Uber. In a lengthy blog post, the woman accused the company of systemic sexism that included being propositioned for sex. The argument gets heated and ends with Kalanick telling the driver to stop blaming Uber for his problems. The company is also facing a lawsuit from Alphabet’s Inc after being accused for stealing designs of self-driving auto technology. Prior to Jones’ departure, there were reports that Uber was looking for a COO who might provide the President with some assistance in order to steer the wayward ship back to a stable course. He is a vice president for Uber and responsible for maps and business platform. He added that the election this past fall and the ongoing fiscal crisis taking place in Kansas was driving him to take part in democracy. He was alleged with sexual harassment by his previous employer, namely Alphabet’s Inc’s Google.

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