VA to get 6 percent boost in Trump budget

“I can’t understand why something like that would be cut“, says Dan Pruett, president and CEO of Meals on Wheels Central Texas. Trump’s proposed budget would cut the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 31 percent – almost one-third – and eliminate more than 3,200 jobs.

These do not make up a sizeable portion of the budget but they are emblematic of departures from the core functions and purposes of government, which is why Republicans have sporadically tried to defund them for decades.

It was a Republican president, Richard Nixon, who founded the agency, and it is another Republican president who apparently wants to end the federal government’s role in protecting the environment.

“So, I guess the first place that comes to mind will be the Environmental Protection Agency”.

According to the American Psychological Association, hungry children are ” significantly more likely to receive special education services, to have repeated a grade in school and to have received mental health counseling than at-risk-for-hunger or not-hungry children”.

Margie Alt, executive director of Environment America, called the budget proposal “dirty and dangerous” and said it would cripple USA efforts to combat climate change.

A “major reorganization” in the National Institutes of Health, which supports most of the nation’s research on diseases and treatments.

$60 billion more dollars will go to defense, homeland security, and veterans care in the Trump budget. Together, the two spending boosts represent a total of $131 billion in proposed new military-related spending. Expect industry giants like Boeing (BA – Free Report), Northrop Grumman (NOC – Free Report), Lockheed Martin (LMT – Free Report), and Raytheon (RTN – Free Report) to benefit.

Mulvaney offered a few specifics about the initial request, including the White House asking Congress for $1.5 billion for the southern border wall in 2017 and $2.6 billion more in 2018, and for a $30 billion supplemental budget for DoD. The state’s General Fund is in a perpetual state of crisis because the tax code is wildly out of whack, depending too heavily on sales and income taxes instead of on property taxes.

And his budget director made clear the administration has no intention of going back. Numerous cuts it proposes are transparently created to play to Trump’s populist constituency rather than save any meaningful amount of money.

“I think it is very important to remember that net farm income is down 50 percent from where it stood just four years ago”, Conaway said in a statement.

With the size-and power-of the EPA dwindling, big polluters may stand to gain. He introduced ‘War on Poverty, ‘ a vast social-welfare legislation, in the 1960s.

It could come from cuts, from your great lake to your furnace room. Money for state grants for water infrastructure projects would be held level as well.

The National Resources Defense Council pointed out that the President’s budget eliminates a fund that gives rural governments and nonprofits money to clean up drinking water systems and improve sewage disposal to avoid disasters such as what happened in Flint, Michigan.

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