A Power Rangers Movie: Why?

And, of course, all the boys in class had a crush on Kimberly.

Power Rangers” has never been shy of its controversies, with various territories either censoring or outright banning the popular kids TV show due to its violence. My four-year-old son, who only knows of Power Rangers through merchandising, including the action figures that are still made, was upset that he couldn’t see the movie.

Montgomery tells THR, “A lot of the cast and I have discussed that we think it should be a girl”.

Surprisingly, I was blown away.

He continued: “Obviously, the next generation [of films in the franchise] would hopefully include what we’re teasing at the end of this film because I think that’s something that fans are really going to enjoy”.

If you are of a certain age, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” was quite possibly a staple of your youth. The gems give them extraordinary superpowers, but the incident also revives an Earth-threatening battle between Zordon (Bryan Cranston) and the evil Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), who unleashes stone monsters called Putties and a golden, winged giant called Goldar.

The development is especially remarkable as Power Rangers was previously known for causing the original series’ Blue Ranger to quit because of vile homophobic abuse. “Smart” ranger Billy is on the autistic spectrum and has the tendency to blow things up, while team leader Jason is wrestling with destroying his football career due to a stupid prank.

Banks is actually fun in the part – she snivels and sneers with campy glee under the pounds of zombie makeup as she fiendishly terrorizes some engagement ring shoppers at a jewelry store like she’s the only one who understands what movie she’s in.

If the Dean Israelite-directed sci-fi fantasy/origin story plays like the first TMNT over the weekend, we’re looking at a whopping $51 million debut weekend, which would be a huge win and larger (not counting 22 years of inflation) than the entire $38m domestic total of the 1995 Power Rangers movie. For sure, Lionsgate will go down in history as one of the first movie studios that has broken the barrier, and has gone where others feared to tread. Zack is a very good guy at heart, but he doesn’t know how to handle some of his problems because they are a little too serious for a kid to deal with. They are no longer simply “the five teenagers from Angel Grove”.

According to Cinema Blend, nostalgic fans of the original series will want to keep an eye out for two cameos that appear in the film. Throughout the franchise’s run, Oliver has returned as a number of different rangers, including the White Ranger, the Red Ranger and, most recently, the Black Ranger.

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