Our women’s only outdoor/indoor fitness programs are conveniently located in North Park. Our Pilates/Yoga Fusion studio, at 3930 Utah St, has a private, cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Our small group personal training classes are results-driven and designed to give you the best quality in small group personal training at an affordable price. As fitness experts we realized, over 20-years ago, that combining healthy eating with high intensity interval training will drop body fat, increase lean muscle, build core strength, rapidly increase weight-loss while improving your flexibility, balance and posture.

We combine kettlebells, yoga, sandbag training, Pilates, TRX, Concept 2 Rowing, chin-ups, Bosu, push-ups, jump squats, etc, into our small group personal training classes so your workouts are constantly changing, results are fast and your body never gets bored. We promise, if you workout with us and follow our program, you’ll see result or get you your money back. That’s right, we offer a 100% money back guarantee! So what are you waiting for? Get rid of your “muffin-top” “back buluge” & “quadra boob”.

Kick your fat habit and get fit with us. Tone and firm up your “trouble spots”, ignored by traditional workouts. Don’t worry, our small group classes are scalable, so all fitness levels can workout together, from beginners to advanced. No, you won’t get lost in a crowd, our classes are small enough that everyone knows your name. We know getting fit is hard work, that’s why we promise, friendly instructors will keep you motivated in our super supportive small group setting.

We offer a wide variety of services from body composition, fitness assessments, posture analysis, prenatal/post pregnancy small group classes, 30-minute and 60-minute personal training options, post lap-band fitness programs and post rehabilitation fitness programs as well as Paleo and healthy cooking demo’s. Our goal is to give you quality, affordable and results-driven programs that teach you how to get and stay fit for the rest of your life.

Your Lead Instructor

Emory University Graduate

American College of Sports Medicine – Group Exercise Leader

American Council on Exercise – Advanced Exercise Specialist

Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified Core Power Yoga Instructor

World Kettlebell Club – Kettlebell Strength Coach

Nationally Ranked Kettlebell Athlete/


Cross Fit Level – 1 Trainer

Certified Massage Therapist

Michele Schlanbusch, owner of Adventures In Fitness.

Biz, is no stranger to the fitness industry. For over 20 years, Michele has served as a fitness consultant to the, spa industry, health care industry, luxury cruise industry and the U.S. Military. Michele is a corrective movement therapist, author and a fitness industry Continuing Education Provider who has carved out her niche in the fitness world, using her unique “old school” approach to create innovative exercise programming that will challenge your boundaries, stretch your imagination, and redefine your fitness – mind, body and spirit.

As a Certified Advanced Exercise Specialist, Group Exercise Leader and author, Michele has traveled extensively plying her trade at world class resorts such as The Golden Door in Escondido, Ca; Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona as well as several luxury cruise lines and wellness centers, designing a broad range of fitness programs that not only satisfied her client’s intended goal but ensured greater performance and an enhanced quality of life.

As an Afloat Fitness Director for the United States Navy and Marine Corps, Michele was responsible for managing, supervising and designing cutting edge fitness programs for over 4500 active duty men and women while deployed in the Persian Gulf. Today she reigns as Master Trainer, but focuses the majority of her time on her signature boot camp, kettlebell and extreme core training programs, providing fun, calorie-incinerating, results driven, total body workouts for women of all fitness levels.

As a Certified Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as a nationally ranked kettlebell lifting athlete, Michele uses her Kettlebell training techniques to help clients lose weight, build strength, restore dynamic function once lost due to disease/injury and radically enhance athletic performance.

As a Certified Massage Therapist and former Doula, Michele has worked with moms during and after pregnancy helping them find practical ways to get fit and stay toned.

Michele has been a student of movement her entire life. From practicing gymnastics, aerial dance and competing in kettlebell sport to pursuing her post graduate studies in aquatic and corrective movement therapy making the path to Pilates and Yoga a natural progression.

Currently, Michele combines her vast training knowledge to all programs to create a variety of fun, results-driven weight-loss and body sculpting programs for women of all fitness levels.

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