Best Ways to Weight Train

Best Ways to Weight Train

Enter the wrong gym, and you’ll find hulking men lifting impossible amounts of weight. Certainly these behemoths didn’t work their ways up to 500 pounds. They were born with some genetic anomaly.

Don’t let those people intimidate you. Your fitness goals don’t have to include building huge muscles. In fact, some of the world’s best weightlifters scoff when they see men who seem to have left their necks in the shower room.

Try following these tips to reach your fitness goal.

Tip #1: Start Light

Most people get greater fitness benefits by lifting lighter weights more frequently. Concentrate on how many reps you do, not how much weight you lift. Even once you start getting good at lifting weights, consider the advantages of building lean muscles with numerous reps instead of bulking up by lifting extremely heavy weights a few times.

Tip #2: Rest Between Each Set

Each set should push you to a limit. Before you can move on to the next exercise, you need to take a rest so you can recover.

The recovery length depends on how many reps you do during your set. If you max out lifting heavy weights four or five times, take a few minutes to recover. If you lift lighter weights 15 times, take about a minute.

Tip #3: Keep a Workout Journal

You will get stronger if you lift weights regularly. The improvements, however, come slowly. You might not even notice when you’ve passed a threshold. That’s why you need to keep a workout journal.

Include everything in your workout journal. What time was it? How much weight did you lift? How many reps did you do? What kind of recovery nutrition did you use after the workout?

Everything that possibly applies to your performance should go into the notebook. Otherwise, you could miss important factors that will help you move towards your fitness goals faster.

Tip #4: Take a Day Off

If you go to the gym every day, you’re doing it wrong. You need days off for your muscles to recover. Some people prefer taking days off during the week. They might hit the gym Sunday through Thursday, take Friday off, and go back on Saturday.

Others like taking longer periods of time off. They might lift for six weeks, and then take a whole week off. Either way can work well. If you’re just getting started, now is a great time to try both methods to decide which one works best for your body.

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