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Eat, Shop, Play Bakersfield features the very best of our city. Their mission is to support our local companies while engaging the local community. At ESP Bakersfield visitors will find locally-owned businesses conveniently located in one place, linking everyone together to discover the best of Bakersfield.

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A better shopping experience for the Bakersfield community.

The ESP Bakersfield project is a new online community with the drive to merge the gap between local retail stores and the Bakersfield community. Mantera created a visually appealing eCommerce website, attracting audiences of all interests by fusing a fun, community-based blog with an online shopping and tourism experience.

Because branding and recognition are essential to a new company, Mantera designed ESP Bakersfield’s eCommerce website to stand out by drawing both business owners and customers to the exciting content and graphics. Understanding the importance and value of using social media Mantera scheduled engaging posts at peak times with the purpose of attracting the broadest cross-section of traffic targeted for the site.