Exercise like an animal!

Exercise like an animal!

You’re an animal! Exercse like one!

If you are attacked by a bear, it is best not to run.

Mountain men in the 19th century learned that’s not a good day. They developed a better response. Roll yourself into as tight ball as possible, placing your head between your knees. Do it as tightly as you can.

Then with all the strength you can muster, kiss your butt goodbye.

Bears — like most animals — laugh at our pathetic attempts to run away or other outdo them physically. That’s because animals are really into cardio training. While we’re posting pictures of our lunch on Facebook, they’re running, jumping, flying, leaping and generally getting one heck of an aerobic workout.

It may have taken us a million years or so of evolution, but humans are finally getting in on this fitness craze that other species have known since the dawn of life.

It’s call Zuu.

The Daily Telegraph in London reports it’s catching on with Brits who want permission to literally act like animals (outside of soccer games, that is).

Fitness classes teach people to crawl like bears, swing like gorillas, slither like iguanas, squat like frogs and waddle like Americans. The Telegraph reports this goes on for about 30 minutes or so.

According to the paper, it’s a far cry from my usual sweaty, testosteroney, adrenalin-filled inner-city gym experience. Zuu comes from Australia and has reportedly been taking Great Britain by storm.

It was invented by Aussie fitness fanatic Nathan Helberg, who describes himself as an “expert in primal pattern movements,” 2010.

The Telegraph reports it’s based on primal movements and animal instincts — a combination of strenuous cardio intervals, strength building and agility exercises.

Meanwhile, the higher order of animals continues to laugh at us.

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