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What started with a vision and hope over 60 years ago to change lives is now one of the largest missions in the United States. The Mission proves shelter to 300+ guests each night and serves over 200,000 meals each year. The Mission at Kern County helps families break the cycle of poverty and achieve a life of success.

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A better experience for a non-profit rescue mission.

Working with the Mission at Kern County our aim was to increase awareness, uplift and help facilitate the donation process more effectively. Following a brand management code, we creatively designed a beautiful, easy to navigate and compelling website. We wanted to ensure that their message would be heard through their content supplied to the public. With specific branding, they have become a recognizable non-profit in Bakersfield which helps their company holistically and in the long run.

The website combines personal stories, video content, and volunteer opportunities to reach anyone that would like to be involved with the mission. We also developed a brand guide including defining proper logo usage, color palettes, typography, image direction, and promotional material designs.